Digital Graphics



I wanted to offer other bloggers and businesses my services by creating digital graphics for their companies and websites.

Contact Me

  • Make the subject “Digital graphics LOS.”
  • What you want me to do ( Business cards, book covers, social media graphics, ect..)
  • What You want the project to look like or represent
  • Name of company or website

I will get back to you and let you know if I could do the project. Then I will email you form more details and prices. Once I am finished with the project I will send a picture of it and we can revise it and continue form there.



Business cards- $12.00

Social media Graphics-   2(platform)- $8.00    add $2 for more platforms

invitations- $12.00

Banners- 10.00

Posters- $15.00


If you want something other that is listed above that’s cool too. Just mention it and I will let you know if I can do it for you.

My Tools

  • Canva
  • Pics Art
  • Camera (Kodack)




Business Card*





Facebook Banner*Girl FIt.png


Another Graphic for this post*

Digital Graphics

You can find more examples If you click here to view my portfolio


How You Pay

I will be using invoices. It will be through email and you can pay with a card. This is done through PayPal.

I will show you the finished product before you pay. I will send you the one with a “water mark” on it to be revised and when You give it to “Okay” I will send you the finalize version.