5 Ways I Combat Anxiety

Anxiety is something a lot of people deal with including me. It took a while to figure out what to do to “get rid” of it. But it’s not something you just get rid of, you have to have to figure out why you have anxiety and what you can do to help you deal with it better to the point where it’s no longer a crutch.  Over time I have found ways to help me combat my anxiety and now I am sharing them with you.

The Five

  • Music is my favorite way that helps with anxiety. music is something that I have always loved and it’s a way to escape the chaos that happens in your head when you are overthinking things. I play music when going on walks, in the car and while waiting in line.


  • Inspiration in the form of others helps too. I follow people who deal with anxiety but still manage to live their lives. People like Zoe Sugg (Zoella), Emily Bett Rickards, and others who deal with anxiety  help me to keep pushing and doing the things I want to do.


  • Isolation is another way I cope with anxiety. When ever I feel like I’m extremely overwhelmed and about to panic I just remove myself from the environment. Sometimes I need to spend a few hours by myself with out the stress of talking with others and being social. Having a day of excitement and interchanging it with a day of mediocrity is okay. Everyone should have down time. And don’t get hard on yourself for needing this time away from everything.


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  • Staying away from caffeinated drinks is a must. If you are someone who is already in your head too much then caffeine is the worst thing for you. It’ll make you more hyper active then you already are. It can create anxiety so stay away from it or just don’t take it as often.


  • Talking to someone about your anxiety is a great way to handle anxiety even if it’s just to your dog. Talk to your parents, your friends, your doctor or just let the stranger that’s trying to talk to you know. It gives you a since of relief and may help them understand how you are feeling. Being open about it is going to help you a lot.



If you haven’t yet, follow me on Instagram @life_ofsom. I have been posting a lot more and you can see what I’ve been up too over there. And I have been doing an Instagram get to know me edition. It’s still ongoing but I skipped a week. I don’t know how long I am doing it for so check it out.

Plus check out my last post where I talk about fearing failure and success.





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