About My New Job ( CNA Class)

I got a job! I started my job July 9th and so far it’s been okay. And I want to say it’s been this amazing experience and that I’m having the time of my life but I am not. I won’t specify exactly where I work. But I am a unit assistant in a nursing home.


I first applied to be in the CNA(certified nursing assistant) class in which I was accepted. But before I take the class they make all of the people who are supposed to go into the class have a “trial” work period. This is to see if you can handle working in this type of environment. Thus why I am a Unit Assistant(UA). I will hopefully be going into the class in August and will then tell you about that experience.


What I Do?


Basically I assist the unit including the CNA’s, Nurses, and the Residents. I answer call bells, get CNA and nurses for residents that might need them. I also make beds, pass and pick up trays. I can do mostly anything just no hands on care. I can take residence to different parts of the facility. I can read, play games and talk with residences as well but I don’t do this often because they usually have people who work  specifically on activities with residents. I do get to talk with residents when in their rooms, cleaning and tidying up.



  • Get a first hand look on what being a CNA looks like
  • Make notes on how I would like to be as a CNA
  • Meet new people and hear their stories
  • Helping others
  • The pay



  • Not everyone who works here is dedicated to their job
  • Lot’s of gossip
  • Not a lot of team players
  • Feet and legs are suffering
  • Can’t do much to help residents ( no hands on care) especially when people aren’t team players
  • Everything is repetitive


Honestly I am not loving this job but for now, it’s a job. Even though I don’t really love doing this I am still dedicated to the job and will continue to do my best. The main reason I don’t like it is because of the people I work with.


I really want to take the class  and see how I actually feel about being a CNA because I feel like it’s way different then being a UA  because as a UA I feel slightly helpless. I don’t like feeling bored at a job and feeling like I need to keep an eye on the clock.  I want to be fully immersed in the job that the day goes past fast.


Physically this job is exhausting because I am always on my feet non-stop walking. And plus I hear the floor we walk on are cement floors with tiles over them. And if you read my last post you will understand that with my flat feet, this is killing me.


Any way If this all doesn’t work out, I’ll find a new job. I actually have plans to have a side job/ business like utilizing my photography skills to take and edit pictures for others.


I honestly think that this is the most optimistic I have been about a situation I am unhappy with. This tells me that I am growing as a person and I am so happy for myself!


If you haven’t already subscribed and leave a comment  about the job you do and whether you like it or not.


Thanks for reading, Sombia.


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