Why I Started Blogging!

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Going way back to 2013, I started a blog called Life left to Live. I named it after a album that I had recently fell in love with called Life left to Go by Safety Suit.  I was 15…and bored and wanted to do something creative. So I started writing blog post expressing myself. I was going through a tough time with family, with myself with school, with life.  I talked about my social anxiety, confidence, and feeling lost.


Then I stopped.

And life went on and things changed. Then some more things changed and I decided to start blogging again but things didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel like my blog represented me anymore and although I could alter it, I felt like I needed a new start.


That’s when I decided to make Life Of Som. “Som” comes from my first name Sombia if you were wondering.  


And I love blogging! One of the hardest part about it is figuring out what to write about. But I actually can’t imagine not blogging, it’s almost an extension of myself. I really do enjoy it and am having fun with it.

3 Quotes to live by (3)


I got inspired to do this post by Lauren from bournemouthgirl.com. In her “My Year So Far” post she was saying how much blogging meant to her, her frienships and experiences like working with brands and she included goals she has for 2018. Some of words really spoke to me and now I’m writing this post.


I hoped that this gave you a little insight about me and inspires some of you to start your own blog. You can make a blog about anything and for some of you It could be a really great experience. I’ve been trying to get my sister to make a blog, because I figured she could write about being a new mom, her love for cooking, or share her hair styling skills. Blogging is a great way to  showcase and or express your self and knowledge, so I want to encourage others to try it out.


Thanks for reading, XOXO Sombia



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