3 Quotes I Live By!




Everyones has morals or values they live by including me. I figured I would share some of the quotes and sayings I live by and how they affect me as a person.


Number 1


“ The only person you control is yourself,” was something a teacher once said to my class.  No one can make you do anything you don’t want to because you’re the only one who has control over you. And you can’t control others.


Now, this opened my eyes because at the time I was so focused on pleasing other people that I didn’t realize that I gave others partial control over me and my decisions. I also wanted to control the world. What I mean is that the more I learned about the world and people around me the more I was confused and angry at people .


I didn’t understand people and I had a lot of “why’s?” when it came to people in general. This quote helped me realize that I didn’t have to understand and not everything has to make since.  This is the world I live in and I only control how I feel and what I do. This allowed me to be free and happier because I’m no longer focusing on what others are doing with their life. I’m no longer focusing on doing things because other people think it’s right. It help me learn to make decisions for myself and be confident in doing that.


In all honesty, I think I used to be really judgemental and now I’m all about just doing you. I really think hearing this made me a better person.


Number 2


“ In you don’t buy it then you won’t eat it,” is a quote by me! This has everything to do with eating healthy.  You are less likely to be tempted if the temptation is far away from reach.


I wanted to be healthy and fit and so one day I decided that I wanted to stop drinking soda. My mom did as well so we just stopped buying  it and because of that, when we went to open the refrigerator the only thing in there was water and juice. We ate more baked food than fried food and eventually I went from 172lbs to 156lbs. Just cutting out soda and fried foods helped a lot with weight loss. I also worked out here and there but I never had a specific routine.


Now soda isn’t completely out of my life but I rarely drink soda and recently in the last six months I become accustomed to drinking water. And you can read how I got myself of drink more water here.


This quote is very helpful to my fitness journey and it really works for me.


Number 3


“Watch your thoughts

They become words

Watch your words

They become actions

What your actions they become habits

Watch your habits

They become character

Watch your character

It becomes your destiny.” – LaoTzu


This a quote from the chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. This shows the power of the mind and how it can easily be corrupted. And if you don’t pay attention you could be heading in a completely different direction than you intended.


For me personally, I sometimes tend to have negative thoughts and in some ways I consider myself to be a cynical person. These thoughts are mainly about myself and my abilities. When I first read this quote it spoke volumes. I needed to manifest my life and see good things for my future.


There are days when I feel like a failure or like i’m not gonna make it in life. And this reminds me that If I think I’m these things then that’s exactly what’s going to happen.


There a lot of people who could use a quote like this And if you know someone who does send this quote in a text, tell them in person, or you could send them here and maybe it will make a difference.



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