A day with Young Lion 2/8/18

She’s a month old now and is starting to talk more, smile more, and she is almost laughing. She makes these little  noises that are so cute. she says “ARrah,” trying to talk to me. It makes me laugh and smile. I never notice how much kids can make you happy. They are so innocent that it’s easy to see them as silly beings when in fact they are actually showing us how intelligent they are. The funny faces, the tilted heads, and those big smiles. They are discovering the world.

Damn. I am totally emo.

She’s my young lion. I don’t know why I started calling her this but, it’s cute. I really love this little niece of mine. I can’t wait for her to get bigger so we can really talk about the world together.

She spent most of the day eating, talking here and there, but mostly sleeping, and using the diaper. The usual. It was nice.


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