January Favorites!

Hey guys! January is coming to an end. First month in and I already feel like I am falling behind. The good news is that my niece is almost a month old! I am so excited for her to get bigger where I can least have a decent conversation with her. Any way, I always see people do these monthly favorites and I honestly thought it would be a good idea for me because I love sharing things that I love with others. So here’s a list of favorites for this month. Enjoy!

The Smiths- {Jaden and Willow smith}

^taken from google

I have been listening to their music lately and It really is inspiring. I highly recommend that you give these to a listen.

Jaden’s album SYRE is really a beautiful album. The production is amazing. And as much as people like to hate on him, he’s putting out quality music with a real message, and real feelings.

I didn’t even know he was still doing music until I heard his song George Jefferson and was like “what!” Two songs that I have been listening to non-stop, one from the album and one not from the album, are Icon and The Offering. Icon is super hype and motivating and is just the most vibey thing ever. The offering is just one of those songs that Remind me of youthful heros, young people with a dream. It reminds me of young people wanting to stand for something. it’s pretty awesome.

^taken from google

Speaking of vibey Willow Smith female energy is amazing. I love the cool, calm and collected vibe you get form it. It has elements that just speak to me, if you know what I mean.

You can find their music on Apple Itunes, Google play music, YouTube, and Spotify.

Camila Cabello

^ taken from google

Her album is everything right now. Ever since she left Fifth Harmony, I was waiting for her to release music. And now this album is everything I though it would be. I’m so proud of her.

Part of the reason I admire her so much is because she genuinely loves what she doing, and she puts all of herself into the things she does. My favorite song was hard to choose but, I really can’t stop listening to In The Dark. It really connects with me In the way where I have a hard time showing people who I really am, simply because I don’t trust people with my feelings. I love the production on this too. The end of the song really sells the lyric. Listen to it, you’ll know what I mean.

You can find her music on Apple Itunes, Spotify, Youtube, AmazonMusic, Google play music.

Okay enough with the music let’s move on to something else.

Fluffy Socks

I have been living in fluffy socks. Every time I walk in the door
I take of my sneakers and my socks and put on my fluffy sock. When It’s this cold, you need things that make you feel cozy. I wear them to bed as well, even though they end up coming off. This year it’s all about vibes and fluffy socks give me slumber party vibes. All I want to do is cuddle up and watch movies.

Dove Foam Soap

I am using the Dove Shower Foam with shea butter and warm vanilla. It smells good it feels good, and it’s better than a bar of soap. I don’t have to use a lot of it to wash my body, so it last long. I chose this to be on the list because It’s the only soap I have been using this month. The smell is really nice and subtle which is good for someone who doesn’t like strong overpowering smells.

Honorable Mentions-

Arrow- I love this show and have been a huge fan since the pilot. I think the thing I love most about the show is the cast. David, Stephen, and Emily are my favorites, #OTA represent!

Black Lightning- This show just premiered and it’s already a favorite. First things first, We have a black hero! Most of my life I have been looking at hero’s on screen that look nothing like me (they are not a person of color). I still love those hero’s that I have seen {I heart Captain America}, it’s just nice to see someone of my skin color saving the world. Plus it addresses real life issues, and what a lot of minorities go through on a daily basis.

I highly recommend everyone to watch these. And if you feeling like you shouldn’t watch Black Lightning for what ever reason, just give it a chance.

You can watch these shows on the CW network, Black lightning is on Tuesdays at 9 pm east coast time and Arrow is on Thursdays at 9 pm.


I have been drinking water like crazy and it’s just been refreshing. Normally I go for a juice over water any day, but water has been wining this year. It’s good for me though.


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