Leave the “Trolls” Alone!

( taken from google^^ )

I will be telling you how to leave the trolls alone. This is not for their benefit, it’s for yours. I can not tell you how many times I have been tricked into an argument with people who don’t really care about the subject at hand and are just trolling me. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen trolls play on others’ emotions. To prevent you from losing your self control on someone who isn’t worth your time, I have some tips on how recognized a troll and how to get rid of negativity when online.

  1. no picture or not a picture of face ( profile Pic)- These are the ones that piss me off the most. They are cowards and don’t deserve to be talked to. Obviously they don’t want you to know what they look like and to me that’s means they don’t have any credibility or honesty in what they say.
  2. When someone says something so outlandish- If It’s crazy, then it’s crazy. Ignore them and assume they are ignorant. I’d say do your best to educate them in one comment and if they are still saying ignorant stuff and can’t have a decent conversation, then there’s your troll.
  3. Most people aren’t that dumb- Although we want to believe that the entire world is made up of fools and idiots. It’s not. We live in an age where it’s almost impossible to be uneducated in some shape or form.
  4. Constant “clap backs” to get you riled up- If they are replying to you second after second with something negative and insensitive things, then they are most likely trolls. These are the people who are quick to call you a B**ch, sl*t , c**t, and all the names under the sun. excuse the language.
  5. Take a step back and really see the big picture- Often times we get caught up in our feelings and immediately react to rude comments. We need to be logical online, not sensitive. Educate those around you and don’t respond emotionally because that’s what they want.
  6. Not every one is a troll- If someone is giving their opinion ( I think, in my opinion, I don’t like) it doesn’t mean that they are trolls or haters. Let people breathe. Ask why they don’t like  it, or why they have that opinion instead of getting offended. Or avoid the comment entirely.
  7. It’s okay to have a negative opinion or an opinion that goes against your views, don’t focus on that.
  8. Create a positive community by conversing with  people who are positive
  9. I never dislike a video even if I didn’t like it. I always see a lot of videos that have 1,000’s  of dislikes and It’s a song. If It’s not your type of song then just click off. If you are gonna dislike then at least comment why you dislike it. If you dislike and don’t comment ,then you don’t have anything to back up why you dislike it which this then makes you… a troll.
  10.  Laugh about it- trolling is for the trolls amusement, but it can be for yours too. Laugh at how ridiculous their comment is.

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