Sand Cloud and Saving the Fishes!

Sand Cloud Towels Was Founded in 2014 by Steven Ford, Bruno Aschidamini, and Brandon Leibel. They are a ocean themed company that sells towels, water bottles, stickers, back packs shirts and other apparel. The special thing about this company is that 10% of their profits go to saving marine life. If you watch Shark Tank, you may have seen them pitching their company. 

Taken from Google- sandcloud

Where does the money go?

 10% of their profits goes to organizations such as;
  • Marine Conservation Institute– A non-profit organization that secures protection for important places in marine life. They focus on preserving ecosystems.
  • The Surfrider Foundation– This is a non-profit enviromental organization that focuses on cleaning up beaches and oceans. They host beach clean ups and are all about sustaining marine ecosystems.
  • Pacific marine Mammal Center–  They focus on rescuing and rehabilitating marine animals.Their main goal is to get  the animals they rescued healthy enough to be released back in to the wild. Visit their website to find out how you can volunteer.
  • Hawaii Wild Life Fund– A non-profit organization committed to conserving Hawaii”s native wild life. They have a team of people including communities and volunteers who are dedicated to protecting Hawaii’s ecosystems.
  • San-Diego Coast keeper– They are a non-profit organization that specializes in making the waters in San-Diego  more usable for fishing, swimming, and drinking. 

You can donate directly to these organizations by going to their websites or by using my referral link to get you a towel, a hat, or whatever your heart desires from Sand Cloud Toewls in which 10% of the profits go to the organizations above.

Become a Ambassador?

Becoming an ambassador is easy and you are actually doing something to support marine life which is cool. It’s really amazing because not every one can volunteer at the organizations above and this is a fun way to do it. You can be in style and still support these amazing organizations. I encourage all of you, who are able, to volunteer for these organizations then do so. If you are from sand-Diego then please sign up for beach clean ups with San-Diego Coast Keeper and the same with surf riders foundation.
  1.  You can click the link here and sign up. 
  2. Once you are signed up and you are approved, you will get an email with your ambassador discount code ( this is not the code you share with your audience/followers). This is for you so that you can buy your Sand Cloud merch with a discount of 35%
  3. You will get another email with your referral link  and code ( my code: SombiaAnth25). Your followers/audience will have a discount of 25% 
  4. Get apparel and share what you got or share Sand cloud photos and make sure to tag @sandcloud and give your referral link or code
  5. Get points for every purchase you make and for every purchase your followers make using your code or referral link. These points can be used as a discount when purchasing Sand Cloud items.
If you have any questions about becoming an ambassador email
I am a ambassador and have been since the spring of 2017. I am really happy to be apart of something that is helping marine life. It’s the main reason I took that step and signed up. Disclaimer, I really love this hat.

Other Ways To Help? ( Marine Life)

  • You can host a community clean up. If you are a student, then I suggest going to your counselor, principal, or teacher and share the ideas you have about cleaning up your community
  • Don’t litter.  I hate it when I see trash on the ground when there’s a garbage can no more than 10 feet away. 
  • If you see trash on the ground pick it up.
  • Share with your friends and family on how they could help and the importance of cleaning up the environment. You can even share this post or tell people about Sand Cloud Towels and what they do to contribute.
  • Educate yourself!
  • If you live near a beach figure out how you can volunteer on cleaning up the beaches. 
  • If you own marine animals such as fish, corals, crabs turtle and more then, start a YouTube channel and educate the public, start a blog, and share on social media with educational captions.

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