10 Things About Me

  • My favorite color is blue, although I have multiple favorite colors including green, yellow, and orange. And I also like blue in different shades.


  • I love animals, including  homo-sapiens even though they are my least favorite. I have these different phases where I become obsessed with a particular animal and just binge on information about them.



  • Action adventure movies and books are a favorite. Thanks Rick Riordan for introducing me to the world of Perseus Jackson. If you are interested you could get the series here! Gosh I love Greek mythology. And damn do I love an adventure. Can’t wait to go on some of my own.


  • I have eczema which is a skin condition ( non- contagious) that  makes your skin flare up. It was worse it I was younger, but now It only flares up occasionally.


  • I love skittles, been my favorite candy since forever. All my skittles fanatics where you at?!!! Skittles galore. Double Rainbow!! Yes, but I really need to stay away from candy


  • I love fashion! I don’t tend to show the  fashionista in me simply because I don’t like to draw attention to myself. I have been drawing outfits and cutting my clothes since I was six.  My favorite type of clothing is the jacket. I’m always wearing one except for right now. I’m currently wearing a grey t-shirt.



  • I laugh at my own jokes! no one can say I am not funny, Okay! I crack jokes when I am watching movies or videos or even reading a book. And yes, I laugh really hard.


  • I talk to my self on a daily. And no, I am not “crazy.” Okay maybe just a little. But i’m pretty sure most of us talk to ourselves. I just tend to talk to myself out loud. I like to voice my thoughts out loud. It helps me think better, if that makes since.


  • One of my favorite movies is A Walk in the Clouds  with Keanu Reeves. It’s just one of those movies that put a smile on your heart. It’s a romantic movie that actually makes you feel content  with how it all plays out.



  • (^ A song I wrote recently) I write song lyrics! I have been doing this since I was six. And I wish I saved every notebook I ever had so that I can see what I was writing about then versus now. I love music and I love writing songs. At one point I wanted to be a singer, then a singer-songwriter. And then I realized I’m not that good of a singer.



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