Creator #1- Braden Tucker

Taken from google images

We all have those people we look up to and admire. Some of them are people you know personally and others are people you discovered through your passions. These people inspire us to keep going when times are tough. They help us reach are potential by always being themselves which reminds us to do the same. There are some people who I really admire and I would like to share them with you.

The first person I think of when it comes to a creator is Braden Tucker. He is a self made  visionary who expresses himself through different mediums. Whether it be through dance, photography, or style he’s is always truly himself.

Taken from Instagram @bradenxtucker

He has inspired me to grow as an individual and made me realize that I can make things happen for myself if I really believed that I could. He believes in manifestation and making your dreams and reality.

Manifestation: noun

  • an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea
  • the action or fact of showing an abstract idea.
  • a symptom or sign of an ailment.

It’s the action in making ones hopes and aspirations come true.  It’s embodying the very thing you want to be.

Taken from Instagram

He shares really inspirational post and has this never ending wisdom. You just know that he is a person who is constantly growing  and wanting to be better.

I honestly have to take a step back and really listen to what he says and is showing the world. “Wow,” is what splatters out after seeing his art.

Taken from Instagram-“SENSES, APPEARANCE, ESSENCE and EXISTENCE The world we see with our senses is very different than the world we see through our essence. Our senses perceive the world of appearance. Our essence perceives the deeper layers of existence. The first step of perceiving the world of essence is to have no goal other than to understand. “Understanding” is the ultimate goal. Then, can we solve the problems we fear.”- Braden Tucker

I hope that others find him to be as helpful to their journey in life as much as I have. You can find him on;

Instagram-  @bradenxtuckerbtvisonz

YouTube- Braden Tucker

He is most active on Instagram and that is where you can stay updated on what he’s up to. Check him out, I promise you won’t regret it.



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