Five Traveling Destinations to Visit!


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Ever since I could remember I have always wanted to travel and experience new things. I remember watching movies and reading books that had a lot adventure. I consider myself to be this restless soul longing to experience new things.

Right now I can’t really afford to travel to these places that I am about to list, but the plan is to visit in the future.

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Greece–  I have always wanted to travel to Greece ever since elementrey school. One of my favorite book series by one of my favorite authors  introduced me to Greek mythology. The Percy Jackson and the Olypian series by Rick Riordan is an action adventure that never leaves me. Rick’ s amazing writing and ability to story tell had me really committed to the stories of Greek mythology and how I saw Greek people. And I just think that if these stories are amazing, then Greek people had to be amazing too.

I would love to see the beautiful architecture and temples there. Food is a must! As always Food is a big reason to travel and I can’t wait to enjoy the food here.


Hawaii– Aloha! Okay! Hawaii has always been a favorite  because hello, It’s Hawaii. There’s  volcanoes, blue waters, great people, and amazing food. What’s not to like?

It’s one of those place where you have  to go on a family vacation. Hawaiian people are all about family.

-Lilo and Stitch

[^Photo made through the app, PicsArt ]

Plus I have seen vlogs  of people visiting and they always look like they are having a good time. I want to have a good time too!


England– I feel like England is on everyone’s travel board. It’s a classic destination just waiting to be check of my never ending list. I really would like to visit london in all It’s glory. I also want to go to the many land marks and see the amazing architecture.

I know that  London is the founder of punk rock style which is cool! London has always been a place for the avant-garde, the creative and forward thinking people.

England I’ll see you soon!


Germany–  Honestly I don’t know much about Germany and the culture and traditions of the people. All the more reason to go.

I think I long to go Germany  because I have been using an app to learn German. And I just find the language to be intriguing  and I find  learning languages to be fun all around.

Plus Ciara (the singer) grew up there a little and I love her and I don’t know why I am telling you that.

Peru– I remember learning about the Incas, Mayans and the Aztecs and  being completely amazed and fascinated.

I was amazed by the way they lived their lives and their intriguing  culture. It often times made be wonder what it was like living in that time and how different it is today. Keep in mind, I was in fifth grade and my world was really small. Everything that was different from me fascinated me and made me want learn more.

If you didn’t know the Incas  inhabited a place we now call Peru.  What really sold me on going to Peru was again, a book I read. It was called  The Serpents Shadow by Rick Riordan. This was a book that was based off of Egyptian gods. But I remember the character in Peru going through an underground city created by the Incas. Til this day, this story makes me want to visit Peru.


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