2018 Nostalgia (New Year’s Resolutions)

For some reason 2018 already seems like it went well, at least for me. I have come to some realizations that have left me with a few goals for what I want to achieve next year. And I also know that so many people  make New Year’s resolutions and they usually fail to achieve them. I don’t want to be one of those people. I plan on accomplishing every single one of  my goals. I decided to only have five goals for next year. In the past I made the mistake of making to many goals, some unachievable in a year. I found myself feeling like a failure If I wasn’t able to get them all done. I made my list an intimidating one and therefore I shied away from my goals.

Maybe some of you have experienced the same dilemma I had. And maybe making your list of resolutions short can help you achieve more. Now, continuing into my resolutions;

  • Self Employment- I want to be self employed in some shape or form. Whether it be making money through my blog, or selling jewelry  or apparel. I just want to be in control of my income. I would also like to prove to myself that I can finish things and accomplish anything I put my mind to. I struggle with self doubt and that’s something that I am activley working on.


  • Organizing My Time- I tend to not utilize the time in a day. I have so many different hobbies and interest and tend to spend more time on one more than the others. Sometimes I spend more time on YouTube rather than playing with my dog, or reading and writing. It would be great to actually get things done rather than pushing it off because I wasted time.


  • Get Fit- Getting fit and toning up, that is the goal! I have always wanted a six pack and a dancers legs and I will have it. I have been going on a fitness journey and it’s been a slow process. I am more focused on getting muscle rather losing weight and the hardest part is finding a work out that works for me. I am on the look out for a great work out routine so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.


  • Eat healthy- Eating healthy is also apart of my fitness journey and is a lifestyle change I really want to make. I am currently looking into being vegan, and cutting meat out of my diet. I also want to be knowledgeable in what I put into my body. I am always looking to try new foods especially healthier versions of the foods I enjoy now.


  • Travel- You do not have any idea on how much I love a road trip. The Truth is that I have never been on a proper road trip where you stop in small towns and eat at a “Mom and Pop’s” restaurant. I have only traveled from A to B, but sometimes I want to stop and smell the roses. Traveling is something I long to do. I want go across seas, go to different national parks, and meet new people. Starting small is going to be the key to making this happen. I think making a few trips to New York City would be great because  it’s only three hours away from where I live currently. I honestly can’t wait!


I am looking forward to 2018 and am expecting a lot of change and growth in myself. I want to  know what you guys are looking forward to and what you want to accomplish Next year.


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